Purple and pink skull cap

I had promised a 5 yr old girl I was going to make her a hat once I’m finished with the pending hat orders I had from November. The minute I came home  from my 2 week long Christmas vacation, our landlady’s daughter, Jyan came by and asked me if I had finished her hat. Honestly, I haven’t even started it and totally forgot about it! Oh okay, I hadn’t entirely forgotten what I had promised but I was just so busy with projects that I prayed she would forget the whole thing.

So, anyway I picked up my box of yarns and hooks and started to crochet while Jyan looked on. Ever so often she would go out to play but would come back to check on me. Probably making sure I was still working on her hat? Hahahaha!

So here we are, a hat for an insistent little girl, Jyan. 🙂


Jyan specifically told me to crochet a purple hat. She rummaged thru the yarn stacks I have inside the box and chose the colors herself.



She also “demanded” a heart appliqué on her hat and ear flaps as well. But I figured this hat wouldn’t look good with ear flaps, would it?


The Pink Pig

Happy New year everyone!

I haven’t posted in a while; I was a bit busy with hat orders and crocheting hats for my nieces and nephews all throughout the holidays. Today, I am sharing with you photos of some of the hats I had made during the my 2 week vacation.


Pink Pig

I made 2 of these; one for a customer and another for a friend’s 6 yr old daughter, MJ.


My friend, Jae sent me this photo of MJ wearing her pink pig hat. Isn’t she the cutest?


Newsboy cap

I made this hat for my cousin-in-law, Sai. She asked me to make a vest for her son and I wanted to give her a gift as well. 🙂

(My daughter, Casey modeling the hat)


Vintage hat

Here’s another hat I had made. I used a simple double crochet beanie pattern which I found online and on the 2nd row BEFORE ending the hat, I did a ch 1 instead of a dc, and then dc once, and ch 1 every after 10 stitched (or double crochet) so I can insert the ribbon. The flower I just copied from a free pattern tutorial on Youtube and sewed on a big black button.

Simple Pencil Case pattern

SDC11897 Every December, my daughter’s school funds a charity group and brings street children and orphans to the school to have a get together with the students. This year, Casey and her friends sponsored 2 girls. Casey and her papa went to the mall yesterday to buy school supplies and stuffed animals for the girls. I offered to make pencil cases and headbands for them.

I tried checking Ravelry for free patterns but on the last minute, ripped it all off and decided to make my own design. I’m posting the pattern for everyone to use coz I know there are a lot of children around the world who can’t afford to buy school supplies. So if you are using this pattern, I pray that you give it to charity and not sell them. That is all I ask.

Download pattern

Arabella’s beanie

This hat I had made for a cousin’s toddler, Arabella. I remember my cousin telling me a story about how his wife, while still pregnant with baby Arabella told him, “Once the baby comes out, her favorite colors would be PINK AND BROWN. She can only change her favorites when she turns 18.” This made me laugh so hard!